Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012, 02:15


How did it feel Babe, when they shoved the rod inside
Did it tear apart and crush the bones ?
Or was it thick enough ?  Did it please the "gosht" ?
What, did you say, I want some more,
Gosh, I knew they must be right,
They did tell me, that she must be a whore !

Nine o' clock, out in Delhi at night,
That too with a guy by side,
Getting in a bus, with six guys inside?
Darling, you give me too many reasons for fright
Or wait, did they say, the girl must be a whore ?

Only six of them and a bit of a slur ,
Boy, I thought you'd lap up the letch.
Was it hot in the bus ? Was the dupatta in place ?
There, I knew you must have fallen from grace.

Babe, my little babe, why did you have to fight ?
You are one in a billion, didn't you know that yet ?
Or did you think that Nandan will make you unique,
We're the largest democracy after all,
Did no one tell you, might is right ?
Babe, my little babe, why, oh why did you have to fight ?

Did you ever make love, my babe ?
Did  someone ever hold him to you ?
Did someone ever probe his tongue,
Deep into your mouth,
And did ever let your lust renew ?
Ah, six lovers, that's what you wanted, did you not ?
So it must have been a fight well fought.
Kakoli knew it well, after all
Jesus ! You're just a whore, that's all ?

How does it feel baby, to be under the rolling stone,
You dare fight back, lay bare like a bone !
When you can't win it, might enjoy the ride after all,
Give in to him, did you not hear Anita Shukla's clarion call ?
Jutted bones, flesh and blood, a fractured skull, that's all ?
Aw, c'mon babe, its risky business,
You knew that its gotta be someone's fall !

How much is it that they owe you,
Tell me baby, I won't let any know.
Sixty rupees a hit?  On the head or in the hole,
What, did you say ninety-six that night?
You earned a lot, you fucking shrew !

Come my babe, sleep on my lap tonight
Its been a rough game, I know. 
I'll try by best , I'll hurt you not
But after all, I am a man, you know !
I'll hold you, but not yet tight.
The broken jaws, the bitten off tongue, the half open ribs
Might not, yet, hold up right.

Fifty million cheer for you tonight,
Or do you know, is it more ?
On Facebook, Twitter, TV, blogs galore
Who knows, they might have turned the zips up tonight
You've saved a life or two, that's for sure.

But I know,  come tomorrow night,
A show will unfold in a bus out at sight
The day after tomorrow, yet some more.
A democracy of a billion, don't you know,
Or may be 1.2, did I get that right ?

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